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Garage Sample Plan

Cover Page: "Cover page of Garage Architecture sample plan."
Cover Page
Presentation Plan: "Architectural presentation plan for the garage."
Presentation Plan
Foundation Details: "Detailed view of the garage foundation."
Foundation Details
Main Floor Detail: "Detailed view of the main floor design."
Main Floor Detail
Roof Plan: "Roof plan for the garage design."
Roof Plan
Elevations: "Elevations of the garage from different angles."
Notes: "Architectural notes for the garage design."
Foundation Plan: "Foundation plan for the garage structure."
Foundation Plan
Main Floor Plan: "Main floor plan for the garage layout."
Main Floor Plan
Main Floor Door & Window Plan: "Plan depicting door and window locations on the main floor."
Main Floor Door & Window Plan
Roof Detail: "Detailed view of the garage roof structure."
Roof Detail
Section: "Cross-sectional view of the garage structure."
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