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Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: May 11, 2024


The meanings of words in italics are defined under the following conditions. These definitions have the same meaning, whether the words appear in singular or plural form.


Construction Methods: Construction methods refer to the techniques, processes, and procedures used to plan, design, and execute construction projects

Customer - A customer is an individual, organization, or entity that purchases goods, products, or services from a business or supplier in exchange for payment.

Dead Load: Dead load refers to the static weight or mass of a structure or building, including its permanent components such as walls, floors, roofs, and fixed equipment

Distributed soil: Distributed soil refers to soil that is spread out or dispersed over a wide area rather than being concentrated in specific locations.

Drainage: Drainage refers to the process or system of removing excess water or liquid from an area, typically through a network of pipes, channels, or natural pathways

Electrical Plan: An electrical plan is a document or drawing that outlines the design and layout of electrical systems within a building or structure.

Energy Calculations: Energy calculations involve determining the amount of energy associated with a system or process. It entails quantifying energy transfer, conversion, or storage using mathematical formulas and measurements

Erosion: Erosion refers to the gradual process of wearing away or removal of soil, rock, or other materials from the Earth's surface through the action of natural forces such as water, wind, or ice. It involves the transport and deposition of these materials, leading to changes in the landscape over time.

Flooding: Flooding refers to the overflow or accumulation of water in areas that are typically dry, resulting in the submergence of land.

Floor Plans: Floor plans are visual representations or diagrams that show the layout and arrangement of rooms, spaces, and features within a building

Foundation plan: Refers to a basic guide outlining the design and specifications for a typical foundation system for the building. It is not specific to the site or location.

Grade Drainage: Refers to the management and control of water runoff and drainage on the property.

Heating and Plumbing System: A heating and plumbing system refers to a network of components and equipment designed to provide heat, hot water, and maintain proper plumbing functions in a building.

Interior Plan: An interior plan refers to a detailed layout and design of the interior spaces of a building or structure. It encompasses the arrangement of furniture, fixtures, and finishes, as well as the consideration of functional and aesthetic elements to create a harmonious and functional interior environment.

kPa: kPa stands for kilopascal. It is a unit of pressure in the International System of Units (SI).

Local Codes: Local codes refer to regulations, guidelines, and standards established by local governments or authorities within a specific geographic area. These codes outline the requirements and specifications for construction, zoning, land use, safety, and other aspects of development within the jurisdiction.

Local municipality requirements: Refers to the regulations and guidelines imposed by the specific municipality where the construction will take place.

Local professional: A local professional refers to an individual who possesses expertise and works within a specific geographical area or community. They typically have in-depth knowledge and experience in their field and provide services to customer within their local region.

Load/design assumptions: Refers to the estimated calculations and specifications used for soil bearing capacity, snow load, and dead load on the structure.

Ontario Building Code 2012 (OBC): Refers to the specific building code regulations and standards applicable in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Plans/Plan - It is visual representations, typically in the form of drawings or blueprints, that depict the design and layout of a building or structure.

Professional Contractor: Refers to a qualified individual or company specializing in construction and responsible for overseeing and executing the building project.

Proven Equivalents: Refers to alternative products that have been demonstrated to have similar performance, characteristics, or quality as the specified products.

Renderings: Renderings refer to visual representations or depictions of a design or concept, typically in the form of digital images or illustrations.

Septic Design: Septic design refers to the process of planning and creating a system for the disposal of wastewater from homes or buildings that are not connected to a public sewer system.

Site Conditions: Site conditions refer to the physical, environmental, and geographical characteristics of a specific location or site. These conditions include factors such as terrain, soil composition, climate, vegetation, water sources, access, neighboring structures, and any existing infrastructure or natural features that can impact the design, construction, or use of a property or development project.

Site Measurements: Site measurements refer to the process of collecting accurate and precise data at a specific location or site. It involves taking physical measurements, observations, and recordings of various parameters such as dimensions, distances, levels, angles, and other relevant quantities.

Site Plan: A site plan is a detailed drawing that shows the layout and features of a specific piece of land or property. It typically includes information about buildings, structures, parking areas, landscaping, roads, utilities, existing building, setbacks, conservation area, any type of easement and other relevant elements.

Slope: Slope refers to the measure of steepness or incline of a line, curve, or surface. It quantifies the change in vertical distance (y-axis) divided by the corresponding change in horizontal distance (x-axis). It indicates how fast or slow a quantity is changing with respect to another quantity.

Snow Load: Snow load refers to the weight or pressure exerted by snow accumulation on a structure, such as a roof or a building.

Soil bearing capacity: Soil bearing capacity refers to the ability of soil to support the loads exerted by a structure or foundation without excessive settlement or failure. It is a measure of the maximum load per unit area that the soil can safely carry without causing structural instability.

Structural Integrity: Structural integrity refers to the ability of a structure, such as a building to withstand loads and forces without suffering significant deformation, collapse, or failure.

Truss Design: Truss design refers to the process of creating structural frameworks composed of interconnected triangular elements. The design involves determining the appropriate arrangement, size, and material of the truss members to ensure stability, strength, and load-bearing capacity while minimizing weight and cost.

Zoning By-Law: Refers to the legal regulations and restrictions set by the local municipality regarding land use, building sizes, setbacks, and other zoning-related matters.

Discount: A discount refers to a reduction or deduction from the original price of a product, service, or financial transaction.

Product: A product refers to a set of permit drawings that do not bear the official stamp of a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) or a structural engineer. These drawings are provided as-is, without any included modifications or alterations.

Registered user: A registered user refers to a customer who has completed the registration process and received approval to access and utilize the business perks offered by D2R Design Inc.

Section 1) Building Codes, Engineering & Zoning By-Law

1.1 Plans are Designed as per Ontario Building Code 2012 (OBC), and it is the responsibility of the customer to confirm that the plans meet the requirements of their local building codes.

1.2 Zoning By-Law may or may not be the same in the local area where the customer will construct the plan. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that plans meet with the zoning by-laws and local municipality requirements.

1.3 The Plans provide ideas and concepts and are not intended to be complete in all respects and details. Variations in standard sizes (e.g., of windows and doors), and brands, thicknesses, types, and uses of different materials can change details.

1.4 Any foundation plan and associated details included in the Plans are intended to serve as a basic guide for a typical foundation system. This typical foundation system is not site or location specific. The customer acknowledges our recommendation that they have a local professional review the Plans and provide a site-specific foundation design if found necessary.

1.5 After purchasing the plans from D2R Design Inc., it is the customer responsibility to review their local municipality requirements.

1.6 The plans include Load/design assumptions for soil bearing capacity, snow load, and dead load. If the actual conditions differ from the stated load/design assumptions, the customer must have a qualified person review and adjust the load/design assumptions accordingly.

1.7 Plans are not designed for flooding, erosion, soil slope above 5%, distributed soil & any other conditions not noted that do not provide a stable 75 kPa soil bearing capacity.

1.8 Specified products can be interchanged with different products that are proven equivalents.

1.9 D2R Design Inc. does not assume responsibility for grade drainage issues or any negative effects on the property or neighboring properties. It is the customer's responsibility to engage a qualified local professional to ensure appropriate drainage as a result of the construction.

1.10 It is the responsibility of the customer to hire a professional contractor who knows all construction means, methods, sequencing, techniques, and safety on the job site of construction workers and third parties

Section 2) Return Policy

2.1 Due to the nature of online products, D2R Design Inc. does not offer refunds under any conditions. Therefore, customer is advised to double-check all requirements before purchasing.

Section 3) Disclaimer

3.1 The documents provided by D2R Design Inc. are given "as is" without any warranty, either expressed or implied.

3.2 These documents may contain technical inaccuracies, typographical errors, or other inaccuracies, and the D2R Design Inc. assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the documents.

3.3 All floor plans, renderings, and other media on the D2R Design Inc. website are the property of the D2R Design Inc.

3.5 The D2R Design Inc. does not assume any liability for plans interpretation or the structural integrity of buildings built from plans purchased from the website.

3.6 Customer are also responsible for obtaining any necessary structural analysis, engineering, and specifications required in their Local municipality requirements.

3.7 It is the responsibility of the customer to verify all site conditions and site measurements before construction.

3.8 Local codes, Local municipality requirements, and construction methods vary, so certain alternative planning may be necessary to adapt the plans to the specific area.

3.9 Heating and plumbing systems are not included in the plans, and customer should meet with subcontractors to select and plan the most appropriate system for their area.

3.10 D2R Design Inc. website package does not include the following items: Site Plan, Electrical Plan, Interior Plan, Septic Design, Truss Design, Energy Calculations, Coordination with other agencies, Applying for a Permit, or any kind of meetings. (Not an inclusive list -please review our Sample Product page to review a sample of what you will receive. )

3.11 The written blogs on the D2R Design Inc. website are solely intended for knowledge purposes. D2R Design Inc. does not assume any liability for the information presented in these blogs.

3.12 Rendering is for reference only.

3.13 D2R Design Inc. is not assuming any liability for the materials, information, and opinions provided on, or available through, the website.

3.14 D2R Design Inc. provides a variety of calculators for educational purposes only. Users are advised that these calculators are intended to serve as educational tools and do not imply any assumption of liability by D2R Design Inc. The company does not guarantee the accuracy or applicability of the calculator results to specific projects or circumstances. Users are encouraged to seek professional advice for their individual needs and circumstances.

3.15 D2R Design Inc. offers a free library featuring diverse documents related to trends, construction, architecture, and various other educational materials. These resources are provided for informational and knowledge-sharing purposes only. D2R Design Inc. does not take any responsibility for the application or interpretation of the information within these documents. Users are urged to verify the relevance and accuracy of the content and consult with professionals for specific project requirements.

3.16 A shed is exempt from the requirement to obtain a permit under section 8 of the Act and is exempt from compliance with the Code provided that the shed,

(a) is not more than 15 m2 in building area,

(b) is not more than one story in building height,

(c) is not attached to a building,

(d) is constructed more than 3 m from other structures,

(e) is used only for storage purposes ancillary to a principal building on the lot, and

(f) does not have plumbing located in it.

Source: Ontario's Regulatory Registry (External Link -

If a permit is needed for your city, you must acquire the BCIN and Structure stamp (if necessary) through our website. Typically, the city demands a site plan, which you can obtain from a local designer. Additionally, if the city mandates any other studies or drawings such as survey or topography drawings, you'll need to engage a local expert for those. We recommend initiating discussions with the municipality before purchasing any plans.

Section 4) Copyright

4.1 The Plans purchased by the customer are restricted for use solely at the designated address. Any usage of the same plans at any other location is strictly prohibited.

4.2 It is illegal to have plans drawn based in whole or in part on plans presented by D2R Design Inc. , catalogs, designs, web pages, or marketing literature without having first purchased the plans.

4.3 The content, design, layout, graphics, and images on the D2R Design Inc. website are the property of D2R Design Inc. and are protected by intellectual property laws. Unauthorized use of this content will result in legal action.

Section 5) Limitations of Liability

5.1 In no event shall D2R Design Inc. or its affiliates or any designers/engineers be liable for any indirect, punitive, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with your use of, delay in using, or inability to use the site, including any plans.

5.2 D2R Design Inc. and its designers/engineers shall only be liable for direct damages up to the extent of the customer's payment made to D2R Design Inc. relating to the specific issue that caused such liability.

5.3 If this limitation of liability or the exclusion of warranty set forth above is held inapplicable or unenforceable for any reason, D2R Design Inc. maximum liability for any type of damages shall be limited to $100.

Section 6) Discount Policies

6.1 D2R Design Inc. may offer promotional discounts on its products or services from time to time. The availability of discounts, discount rates, and eligible products or services will be determined at the sole discretion of D2R Design Inc.

6.2 All registered users, including contractors and visitors, may be eligible to receive promotional discounts, subject to the terms and conditions of specific promotions or campaigns.

6.3 Discounts cannot be combined with other offers, promotions, or discounts, unless explicitly stated by D2R Design Inc.

6.4 D2R Design Inc. reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the discount policy at any time without prior notice.

6.5 Chages to the discount policy will be effective immediately upon posting the updated policy on the D2R Design Inc. website.

6.6 Discounts are non-transferable and hold no cash value.

6.7 Discounts may have expiration dates or usage limitations, as specified in the terms of the promotional offer.

6.8 Misuse, abuse, or fraudulent use of discounts may result in the cancellation of the discount and potential restrictions on future promotions.

6.9 Discounts cannot be applied retroactively to previous purchases.

6.10 D2R Design Inc. is not liable for any losses or damages incurred due to the modification, termination, or unavailability of any discount offers.

6.11 D2R Design Inc. makes no warranties or representations regarding the availability or accuracy of any discount offers. All discounts are provided on an "as is" basis.

Please note that the discount policy outlined above is subject to change, and the most up-to-date policy will be available on the D2R Design Inc. website. Users are encouraged to review the Terms & Conditions regularly to stay informed about any updates or changes.

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