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Pool House VS Guest House: Choosing the Perfect Addition to Your Property

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#1 Introduction

Pool houses and guest homes are two popular options for enlarging your property and adding extra space. Both have special advantages and can improve your way of life, but choosing the best option for your requirements requires an awareness of how they differ from one another.

To help you make an informed choice, we will compare pool houses and guest houses in this blog article, emphasizing their unique qualities, prospective applications, and important considerations. Find the ideal addition to your home by delving into the argument between a pool house and a guest house.

Table: Pool House VS Guest House comparison with different Aspects


Pool House

Guest House


Poolside relaxation, entertainment, storage

Guest accommodation, rental income, private living


Showers, wet bar, pool equipment storage

Bedroom, bathroom, living area, kitchenette

Usage Scenarios

Pool parties, outdoor dining, home office

Extended family stays, short-term rentals

Cost Considerations

Influenced by size, materials, amenities

Influenced by kitchen, bathroom, location

Income Potential

Limited income potential, mostly for personal use

Rental income from short-term tenants

Zoning Regulations

May have specific regulations due to pool

Standard regulations for additional dwelling units

Aesthetics and Design

Blending with pool area, outdoor aesthetics

Interior design, comfort, welcoming atmosphere

Construction Complexity

Potentially simpler, focused on pool integration

More complex with plumbing, kitchen, electrical

Long-Term Value

Enhances outdoor living, potential for ROI

Adds property value, income potential

Privacy and Independence

Limited privacy, convenience for pool-related use

Provides separate living space, enhanced privacy

#2 Purpose and Functionality

Pool House

Imagine yourself relaxing by the pool, going for a cool swim, and then retiring to your pool house for some peace and comfort.

The pool house makes sure that you and your visitors can have a delightful and convenient experience without having to make the long walk back to the main house dripping wet thanks to its well-appointed showers and facilities.

With the help of the wet bar in the pool house, you can organize a poolside party.

Imagine throwing a spectacular pool party, replete with music, beverages, and laughter, where the pool house serves as the center of entertainment.

The pool house transforms into your own personal sanctuary, offering a seamless blend of entertainment and functionality.

You can neatly and efficiently store all of your pool-related tools and accessories.

Especially in summer Pool House provides the best place to chill and enjoy it.

The pool house can be designed properly so it blends with the existing house architecture and backyard space.

A pool house is a useful addition that keeps your main house cleaner by reducing the amount of time wet feet and wet swimsuits spend indoors.

Guest House

A wonderful place to organize meetings of the extended family is a guest house, where everyone may stay pleasantly and privately.

Visitors can feel at home by having all the conveniences they require in a separate space that includes a bedroom, bathroom, and living area.

Guests can comfortably and enjoyably prepare simple meals using the kitchenette available in the guest house.

If it were not guests all houses would be graves. - Khalil Gibran

A guest house can act as extra lodging for visitors who would rather stay overnight for homeowners who enjoy hosting events or gatherings.

Owners of the guest house can generate passive income by renting it out to tourists during holidays or other special events.

A guest house makes sure that visiting elderly relatives or relatives with special needs have a warm and convenient place to stay.

In addition to providing a more comfortable setting than a hotel room, staying in a guest house might be advantageous for business travelers.

By renting their guest house to guests, homeowners who cherish their solitude can keep their sense of privacy while still being welcoming.

Pool House

The uses for a pool house are countless when you own one. You may transform it into a lively recreation area where your loved ones can congregate to play games, watch films or just hang out.

A pool house is the perfect place to work out at home due to its roomy, open design. To create your own little fitness heaven, arrange weights, yoga mats, and exercise equipment.

On hot summer nights, the pool house can serve as an outdoor dining area. You can put up a dining table and take advantage of the cool breeze and poolside view while eating.

Need a calm setting to concentrate on your work or study? Away from the distractions of the main house, turn the pool house into a home office and take advantage of the peaceful environment.

With shelves stocked with their preferred books and a cozy reading chair, book lovers may transform the pool house into a cozy reading nook.

When hosting events or meetings, the pool house can also serve as a bar area. Create a drink station to keep the celebration going without having to frequently return to the main house.

possess a love for gardening? Use the pool house as a potting shed to store gardening equipment and materials, as well as a location to germinate seeds and grow garden-ready plants.

The pool house can be converted into a handicraft room if you enjoy doing it. Set up workstations and supplies storage so you may enjoy crafts while gazing out at the pool.

Guest House

Giving guests, family members, or even potential tenants a private area to stay on your property can be a terrific addition.

Imagine giving your distant relatives the solitude and independence to stay in your elegantly decorated guest house while they are in town.

The guest house can be furnished in a warm and welcoming style with warm colors, luxurious furnishings, and considerate extras like brand-new towels and toiletries.

If you enjoy traveling a lot, owning a guest house enables you to make extra money by renting it out while you're away on websites like Airbnb or VRBO, helping to pay for your travels.

Another suggestion is to turn the guest house into a peaceful home office space, away from the main house's distractions, to foster a positive work atmosphere.

Some people decide to turn their guest house into a fitness center or yoga studio, giving them a specialized area for physical activities that suit their way of life.

If you ever decide to sell your house, a tastefully constructed guest house can boost the overall value of the property and appeal to potential purchasers.

The guest house can be used as a "staycation" destination, providing a miniature escape for you or your family without requiring you to leave your property.

A guest home makes it easier to host visitors from abroad because they can have their area to get used to new time zones and travel weary.

"A beautifully decorated guest house interior in the pool house, featuring a relaxing and inviting atmosphere with coastal-inspired decor."
"Escape to Paradise 🏖️✨ Enjoy the serene ambiance of our guest house pool house interior."

Pool House

Spending less can be achieved by choosing a pool house with fewer amenities and a smaller footprint.

Costs will certainly increase with a bigger, more elaborate pool house that includes amenities like a kitchenette, bathroom, and entertainment area.

The pool house's beauty and longevity are greatly influenced by the material choice.

Even while wood has a rustic and endearing appearance that is appealing, it can be more expensive than composite or vinyl materials.

Exteriors made of stone or brick are a desired but more expensive alternative because they not only have an exquisite appearance but also exceptional endurance.

Table: Different Pool House Size with its Average Cost

Size (Sq Ft)

Average Cost

150 sqft

$24,000 to $90,000

300 sqft

$48,000 to $180,000

500 sqft

$80,000 to $300,000

750 sqft

$120,000 to $450,000

1000 sqft

$160,000 to $600,000

Source: bobvilla

High-quality roofing materials, like clay tiles or metal shingles, may be more expensive to purchase but can increase the pool house's overall worth and durability.

Although they can cost more upfront, energy-efficient windows and doors can result in long-term electricity bill savings.

The initial cost will go up if the walls and ceiling are insulated, but the area will be more pleasant all year round and there may be energy savings.

The placement of the pool house might also affect costs because constructing on uneven ground may necessitate additional foundation and leveling requirements.

Although they will increase the project's cost, specialized elements like built-in storage, integrated sound systems, or automatic lighting can greatly improve convenience and appeal.

Although it is more expensive, using reputed builders and competent artisans guarantees a better-finished product and lowers the probability of future expensive repairs.

Guest House

Some amenities increase the cost of the guest house. For instance, adding a well-stocked kitchen with contemporary appliances can greatly improve the whole living space for visitors.

The plumbing necessary for bathrooms and kitchens can also result in greater prices, so the costs are not just restricted to the kitchen.

For the convenience of visitors, electrical installations are crucial, including suitable lighting and heating/cooling equipment. Although energy-efficient choices might initially cost a little more, they can eventually result in cost savings and increase the guest house's appeal to renters who are concerned about the environment.

The actual construction work, such as adding structural components and extra rooms, may increase overall costs. However, spending money on a strong foundation and top-notch building techniques will guarantee that the guest house endures throughout time.

$50 to $400 per square foot 

Source: Insider

The possibility of making money from rentals outweighs the greater upfront costs of constructing a guest cottage. The extra money from renting out the room will eventually help you make back your initial investment.

The guest house's rental value is significantly influenced by its location. The rental income can be significantly higher if it is located in a well-known tourist site or a highly desired residential location.

Rent charges may be influenced by how tastefully the guest house is decorated. Modern conveniences, inviting décor, and cozy furnishings will draw more visitors and allow for greater rental rates.

When estimating the total costs, maintenance charges should also be taken into account.

For a business to draw in recurring business and recommendations, client happiness and favorable evaluations are essential. A greater occupancy rate and higher revenue might result from going above and beyond to satisfy guests' demands quickly.

Building and running the guest home may come with legal and administrative expenses, depending on local laws and licenses.

The potential for higher rental rates and a consistent stream of visitors can eventually transform the guest home into a successful operation, making the original investment worthwhile in the long run as the establishment gets notoriety and a strong reputation.

#5 Local Regulations and Zoning:

Understanding local laws and zoning constraints is essential before starting any type of construction project. Some locations may have particular specifications for guest homes or pool houses, such as permits, setbacks, and size restrictions.

To prevent any legal troubles and potential setbacks throughout the construction process, be sure that these rules are followed.

Free Permit Guide
Download PDF • 386KB

"An image of a pool house permit stamp indicating its approval status, ready for use in construction projects."
"Official Pool House Permit Stamp - Approved and Ready for Construction!"

#6 Conclusion

It's crucial to take your unique requirements, financial situation, and local laws into account when choosing between a pool house and a guest home. A pool house can be the best option if you want to prioritize pool-related activities, entertaining, and creating an area that fosters outdoor living.

A guest home, however, offers dedicated living rooms and more flexibility if you frequently host visitors or want an income-generating option. You may make an informed selection and choose the best addition to your house, increasing its value and functionality, by carefully evaluating your needs.

#7 FAQ

Can a pool house be used for activities other than those involving the pool?

A pool house can serve a variety of purposes, yes. It can be converted into an entertainment room, home gym, relaxing space, or even a studio for artistic endeavors. It is adaptable for a variety of uses because of its open layout and simple access to external areas.

A guest house may be rented out to generate additional revenue.

A guest house can indeed be rented out as an Airbnb or a vacation rental, offering a chance to make extra money. It is a desirable alternative for both long- and short-term rentals due to its separate living arrangements and amenities.

Are there any particular rules or licenses needed to construct a pool house or guest home?

We always recommend contacting your municipality before starting any projects to understand local rules. Specific criteria, such as setbacks, permits, and size limitations for pool houses and guest homes, may apply in some locations.

A pool house or a guest home is the more economical choice.

A pool house's construction costs might vary depending on the size, design, materials, and extra features. Due to its distinct function and use, a pool house typically costs less than a guest home. A guest home may, however, provide the possibility of rental revenue that can help defray the initial costs.

Can relatives and friends stay in a guest house?

Definitely! A guest home is built specifically to house visitors and give them access to a private living space. It frequently has a bedroom, bathroom, living area, and occasionally a kitchenette. For entertaining family and friends, it provides privacy, comfort, and freedom.

*Please note that the information shared in our blog is for educational purposes only, and we do not assume any liability for the actions or decisions made based on this information.

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