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What To Know Before Purchasing Building Plan Online

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#1 Introduction

Online construction plan purchases provide several benefits, including convenience, time and money savings, and easy access to top-notch 3D designs. However, before making a purchase, clients and contractors must be aware of specific requirements. This post will go over important things to think about before purchasing plans for your upcoming dream project.

#2 Building Height and Maximum Area

Understanding your city's zoning regulations is essential before buying a plan online. Building height and the maximum space allowed for various building kinds are governed by local ordinances in each city. You may simply locate the contact email for your municipality by conducting an online search to learn more about the unique requirements for your project.

You can find out the largest building area and height restrictions by getting in touch with your city and explaining your intended structure. It's also important to understand how the city calculates building height because it can vary depending on things like the style of the roof. After confirming max height you can find your dream project plan online.

Our website makes it simple to download 3D pool house photos, 2D elevation drawings with the maximum height, and 2D presentation designs. You can take screenshots with this and quickly send them to your city's officials for an explanation. You may make sure that your project complies with their criteria by going over the blueprints with them beforehand. You can confidently purchase the plans from our website if they approve the design, avoiding any potential difficulties or extra costs.

#3 Construction

Even if construction details may seem complicated, it is best to seek advice from a local builder/ Designer /Architect who is knowledgeable about the best materials and framing methods.

Table: Various Foundation Types & Description

Poured Concrete

This foundation type is a robust option thanks to its great strength and rigidity. In comparison to other options, this one may be pricier. Concrete pouring may be difficult in urban locations with restricted truck access due to space issues.

Concrete Block

Concrete block foundations are a practical and inexpensive choice. They have strong structural integrity and are widely utilized. When compared to poured concrete, they are somewhat simpler to install and manage.


Concrete is placed inside cylindrical sonotubes composed of cardboard or fiber material. They frequently serve as support columns or for smaller constructions. Sonotubes offers a practical and affordable solution for particular building requirements.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

ICF foundations have great insulating qualities and can increase a building's energy efficiency. However, because they require specialized materials and construction methods, they are frequently more expensive.

Concrete Pier

Concrete piers support certain structural elements of a building, such as load-bearing walls or columns. They offer focused assistance and may be a good option for specific building projects.

Concrete Block Pier

Concrete block piers provide support in certain regions, much like concrete piers do. They are reasonably affordable and built with concrete blocks.

Helical Pile

Deep foundational components that are screwed into the ground are called helical piles. They are frequently utilized in locations with difficult soil conditions and have great load-bearing capacity.

#4 Special Requirements in Zoning By-Laws

It's critical to be knowledgeable of the exact laws and guidelines established in your city's zoning by-laws when it comes to construction projects. These bylaws act as a guide to make sure that structures are built in compliance with the designated land use and to uphold the general peace of the neighborhood. Failure to comply with these rules may result in severe fines or possibly the necessity for expensive project adjustments to bring it into compliance.

A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there. - H. Stanely Judd

It's important to keep in mind that different localities may have varied regulations on particular types of structures. For instance, some localities could have particular specifications for pool houses that forbid them from having restrooms, bedrooms, or kitchens. By doing this, pool houses are kept as auxiliary buildings with a primary focus on enjoyment rather than being turned into separate dwelling quarters.

You can prevent possible setbacks and disappointments in your construction project by being familiar with the zoning regulations in your community. Before moving through with the purchase of an internet service, do extensive research or speak with local authorities to find out whether there are any specific rules or restrictions that apply to your desired project. By being proactive, you can avoid having to make expensive adjustments later on, which will save you time, money, and irritation.

"A group of professionals reviewing a pool house plan while discussing zoning bylaws in a design studio."
"Exploring the intricacies of pool house design and zoning bylaws with our talented team of designers and architects."

#5 Stamps

You must make sure that the internet drawings you buy comply with the building code in your city or state as a valued customer. For instance, the plans must comply with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code (OBC) if you live in Ontario. On our website, we prioritize presenting OBC-compliant drawings to provide you with a confident shopping experience.

Furthermore, our designs include a BCIN stamp, which is typically required by many Ontario cities. This eliminates the need for you to purchase the stamp separately from the market. We understand the importance of compliance, and we make it easy for you by incorporating the necessary stamps.

"Image of a permit stamp from the municipality, indicating approval and compliance with local building regulations."
"Permit stamp plan from the municipality, ensuring compliance with local regulations."

Occasionally, certain buildings may require an additional engineer's stamp. Our platform offers the option to obtain the engineer's stamp to meet this requirement.

If you attempt to purchase readymade plans from another country while residing in Ontario, you may encounter problems. In such cases, you would need to hire a local designer to adapt the drawings to meet OBC (Ontario Building Code). This would require you to purchase the digital file and pay the local designer and engineer for their evaluation and stamp, which may result in additional expenses.

Due to what reasons plan modifications required

  • Height restrictions

  • Material availability

  • Local regulations

  • Site constraints

  • Neighborhood aesthetics

  • Energy efficiency

  • Budget constraints

  • Functionality

  • Structural integrity

  • Environmental impact

  • Personal preferences

  • Utility access

  • Permit requirements

  • Future expansion

  • Building code changes

Even after the basic design has been purchased, plan revisions may still be required. Imagine finding out that the purchased plan has a height of 13 feet 6 inches but your city only allows a maximum of 12 feet. You will pay more if you hire a local designer just to lower the height by 1 foot 6 inches because they will need to review and approve the updated designs.

Alternatively, online platforms also provide modification services with some extra small charge. You can save time and money on plan adjustments by using our website, which provides updated drawings with the necessary stamps and rapid free quotations.

"Image depicting a stack of money, symbolizing savings when purchasing plans online for construction projects."
"Save money while buying plans online for your dream project."

Your pool house project's roof design is a crucial component. You can choose between stick framing (a custom-built roof structure) and trusses (pre-engineered roof components).

This decision will impact both how the roof is constructed and how it appears overall. If you decide on a truss roof, the manufacturer will need to provide Truss Drawings, which could result in an additional fee. Additionally, occasionally it takes longer for them to deliver the real truss, which delays your project.

We provide all pool house plans on our website using stick framing, which lowers total costs and streamlines the building procedure.

#8 Site Plan

It's vital to keep in mind that most internet stores don't offer site plans when buying building plans. To ascertain whether the planned structure complies with local zoning regulations, your city may demand a site plan. The existing home, the planned pool house, the property lines, easements, septic placements (if available), heritage buildings, grade slopes, conservation areas, and any existing structures on the site are all represented on a site plan.

To meet this criterion, clients frequently contract with a local designer who can visit the property and gather all the information required to create an extensive site plan. The proposed construction will be sure to adhere to all the rules mentioned in the zoning by-laws with the aid of this design. If the original building plans do not satisfy the standards, adjustments might be required to guarantee compliance. Additionally, typical drawings might need to be modified to account for the terrain if the site has a steep incline.

You may address any potential issues or revisions early on and ensure a smooth approval process and successful construction outcome by treating the site plan as a crucial part of your building project.

#9 Apply For Permit

It's time to proceed and apply for the construction permit after all relevant drawings, including the permit drawings, have been finished. This important phase is submitting the necessary documentation and plans to the neighborhood government or city authorities. To guarantee a seamless application process, it is crucial to strictly adhere to the exact submission procedure specified by the city or municipality.

When it comes to submitting permit applications, different towns may have different specifications. Other towns might need hard copies of the blueprints, while some might only accept online submissions. It's necessary to become familiar with the specific rules and regulations established by your local government.

Getting the building permit is a crucial stage in your pool house project's progress. It ensures that your building plans comply with local laws and regulations, allowing you to proceed with confidence. This permission gives you the green light to start the development, knowing that your project follows all the necessary rules and regulations.

A city officer is currently accepting paperwork for the permit application of the pool house plan.
City officer accepting paperwork for the pool house plan permit.

#10 Conclusion

When buying construction plans online, you may make an informed choice by taking these crucial factors into account. Throughout your building project, understanding local zoning rules, engaging with a local contractor, being aware of unique needs, assuring correct stamps, and having access to plan amendments are essential elements that will help you save time and money.

How do I figure out the largest building size and height permitted for my project in my city?

You can get in touch with your municipality by looking up their contact information online to learn the maximum building height and area permitted. Send them an outline of your idea and enquire about the details.

What should I take into account while choosing the construction specifics for my upcoming building project?

It is advisable to speak with a local builder who is knowledgeable about the different kinds of materials and frames. They can help you choose the best building techniques and supplies for your particular project, guaranteeing its structural integrity and compliance with regional building codes.

Before buying a building plan online, should I be aware of any unique zoning regulations?

Each city has its own set of Zoning By Law. Certain types of structures, such as pool houses, may be prohibited from having bathrooms, sleeping quarters, or plumbing in some cities. It's crucial to discover any unique criteria or restrictions that might apply to your project by consulting the zoning rules of your city.

Do the building plans I buy online need to have any special stamps?

Many Ontario cities demand architectural or BCIN (Building Code Identification Number) stamps on building drawings. Plans you buy online from another nation might not be compliant with local regulations. Making ensuring that the blueprints you buy have the proper stamps to adhere to your city's building code is essential.

Can I alter the construction designs I buy online?

Plan adjustments are frequently required to satisfy certain project requirements. Additional expenses, such as employing a local designer to examine and stamp the amended designs, might be incurred if adjustments are required owing to local building code limits or preferences. Some internet websites might provide plan alteration services, but it's important to understand any prices or restrictions beforehand.

*Please note that the information shared in our blog is for educational purposes only, and we do not assume any liability for the actions or decisions made based on this information.

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